SHAOLIN (2011)



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There are the early republic of China, the warlords fighting each other to expand his power. One of them is a warlord named Hao Jie (andy lau) and his brother Huo Lung (Nicholas tse), where they found little resistance when attacked Dengfeng city.

one of the shaolin temple nearby to provide assistance to the wounded. And the disciples shaolin Neng Jing, Jing Jing Kong and a robin hood masked at night to help the poor.

Hao Jie (andy Lau) who is arrogant and challenging shaolin master when he learns that the disciples shaolin help its enemies. And he won the duel with the master shaolin and this makes its more pompous and arrogant.

but that changed when he was betrayed by his brother Huo Lung (Nicholas Tse) who took kepemimpiannnya in military troops. And Hao jie to shaolin temple to seek help. While recuperating Hao Jie deepen shaolin martial arts and find peace in shaolin temple.

And the battle started when Hao Lung shaolin temple attack and Hao Jie.

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- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3



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