Perjaka Terakhir 2 (2010)



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Adults (adult)

Agus Ringo
Barry Prima
Barri Stars
Joe's Project
Weni Rosaline


Film Synopsis Virgil Last 2 (2010):
Sam, a pretty girl was keeping 24-hour supermarket. His eyes catch a criminal trying to shoplifting. It turned out that he threatened to have all the money in the cashier handed over to him or he would detonate a bomb that menempal in itself. Panic, direct the clerk handed over the money. But once the criminals move out, Sam ran after him. At the same time, Sugeng, a geeky cop, saw the speeding criminals with his bike. Panic, Sugeng trying to catch criminals but the criminals managed to escape. Sugeng hurt, eventually.

In college, Sugeng was already making a deal with Sam's teachers. He will help promote the college, including by entering the master to appear on TV. Sam must teach Sugeng so good at martial arts. Exercise for the sake of exercise undertaken Sugeng. The master Sugeng forcing Sam to train more intensively, in the name of both universities.

At the same time, the success of the university college silat Sam has angered other, more sophisticated and expensive. Chairman of the rival college, KI WEDAN want to find anyone who said Sugeng very tough. He sent his men who is good to catch Sugeng. But assisted by Sam, Sugeng survived. Unable to another, Ki Wedan decided to intervene themselves. He wanted to challenge Sugeng duel. He was kidnapped Sam and managed to beat all the master. Ki Wedan bring Sam to the top of Monas and wait Sugeng there. Now can Sugeng save Sam. Whether in the end, he really can get out of it as taught by Sam during this?

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