Nakalnya Anak Muda ( 2010 )



Film Type:Thriller
Producer:Karan Mahtani
Production:Partner Pictures
LSF Rating:Adolescent (teenage)
Cast & Crew
Ratu Felisha
Uli Auliani
Fero Walandouw
Billy Ade Sumirat
Rozie Mahally
Rommy Ravalzy
Nayato Fio Nuala
Farah Mandala.

Starting from losing Andien housemates with Renata. Since the party mask, Andien disappeared. Until a few days later Andien home. Renata began to gradually calm and happy. Renata Andien invite to join a party again. At the party Andien and Renata became acquainted with Dick, Andra, Pay and Reno took Andien and Renata for a vacation villa owned by his grandfather kesebuah Andra. And they also agree

Prior to the villa they have to pass through the forests and waterfalls. Villa are old enough to make Renata feel weird and invite Andien to stay at the hotel. But Andien ensure Renata for an occasional stay in place like this does not hurt. Precisely at this waterfall, one by one of them died horribly. Only Renata, Andra and Dick who survived with the help of others and they were brought to the police office to ask for help looking for his friends who lost jungle Arriving home Renata, who originally wanted to accompany Dick Renata was started to be terrorized. Then Dickie disappears. Renata who gets the news that Andien still alive immediately enthusiastic search for its existence until kesebuah empty house. But Dick found Renata figure that has been tied and there is a bleeding wound in her face like a spanked hard object.

Who is the killer behind all these deaths?

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