Ratu Kostmopolitan (2010)


Movie Info:
Year: 2010
Producer: Raam Punjabi
Cast: Luna Maya, Tyas Mirasih, Imey-Liem, Fathir Muchtar
Rezapahlevi, Yattisurachman, Cici Tegal, Verina Widodo Adi Kurdish

Action | Comedy

Three beautiful girls and destitute would not want to be somersault, turn the brain, and read the incantation for the thugs who want to expel displacing their boarding house. While seizure guy, too!
Gina (Luna Maya) helter-skelter sideline work as a journalist, Dance (Tyas Mirasih) somersaults so aerobics teachers and Zizi (Imey Liem) to become a tattoo artist, the three were friends who had to work odd order tetep can go to college in Jakarta. Fortunately the mother Lakshmi (Yatti Surachman) although looks cruel, widow without children special boarding house owner mahasiwi where they live, actually care enough to not collect money wrongfully boarding.
One day messengers came a bunch of thugs who came to terrorize the land mafia housing where they live. The thugs who chaired by Rido (Reza Pahlevi) intimidate the residents to immediately sell their land cheaply. Even to burn a few residential areas to be immediately evacuated

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2. http://www.mediafire.com/?h76r3bz6lxmh2qf

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