The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)



# Starring:
- Kristen Stewart
- Robert Pattinson
- Taylor Lautner
- Billy Burke
- Ashley Greene

# Director:David Slade
# Writer:Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg
# Studio:Summit Entertainment
# Genre:Drama, Fantasy, Horror
# Official
# Rating:
for intense sequences of action and violence, and some sensuality.
# Runtime:2 hours 04 minutes
# Box Office:$214,700,000

Synopsis : Eclipse opens at nighttime where Riley Biers (Xavier Samuel) is exiting a store on his way home. A driving rainstorm begins as he walks on his way. Without warning, he is knocked down. Looking around, startled, he cannot see anyone-- the street he is walking down appears completely deserted. Getting scared, he pulls his coat closer and picks up his pace. Just as suddenly he is hurled through the air and against a wall-- and still there is nobody and nothing in side. Riley starts to yell for help and breaks into a run. He gets too close to a pier on a marina and almost falls into the water. Terrified, he screams out to his unseen assailant what he wants. There is a blur as something rushes past far too quickly to be seen, and Riley's hand is wounded. He screams in agony and falls to the ground-- and the wound on his hand strongly resembles some kind of bite wound.

Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are in a meadow where she is reading from "Fire & Ice" in preparation for an English final. Edward again asks Bella to marry him, and runs into the old impasse-- he asks her, "marry me," and Bella responds with, "change me." Finally Edward offers a compromise where he will change her when they're married. Bella kisses him but then says it's more like coercion. Their views om marriage differ and she teases him about the divorce rate. Edward assures her that the "vampire-human divorce rate" is lower. They kiss more and Bella says she's due back home at four. Edward just smiles as she gathers up her things and starts on her way home.

Charlie (Billy Burke) is reading the newspaper headline that discusses a rash of murders in Seattle. Bella arrives home exactly at four like Charlie wanted. There is a bit of brief debate about her being grounded "for life" (as in New Moon) and Charlie admits that he would like to see a bit of separation between Bella and Edward, even though he expects her answer that Edwart is part of her life. So Charlie offers her a deal. He'll end her punishment if she agrees to see some of her other friends as well, and suggests she see Jacob, as Billy has told Charlie that Jacob is going through a very rough time lately, and just a short time ago, when Bella was in that position, Jake was there for her when she needed him. Bella calls Jacob but gets his voice-mail and chooses not to leave a message. A voiceover from Bella explains that Jacob hasn't spoken to her in weeks, and she's been hoping to set things right. She pulls a handwritten letter out of her dresser drawer and looks at it briefly.

Bella gets into her truck to drive to the reservation, but it won't start. Suddenly Edward is in the passenger seat. He knows she was heading to the reservation, and Bella realizes that Alice saw it, and that Edward rigged her truck to not be able to start, in order to prevent her from driving there. They argue about her seeing Jacob. She is adamant that she has until graduation but Edward is obsessed with her safety and is convinced she won't have any among the Quileutes.(source : IMDB.Com )

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