Semerah cinta stilleto ( 2010 )


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Pretty university student Siti Laila a.k.a Stila (Lisa Surihani) comes from a good family background and is well to do while Leto (Farid Kamil) is an average Joe who works as a fishmonger in the wet market opposite Stila’s posh residence. They meet one day when Stila follows her mother, Datin Fairuz, to buy fish for dinner with Stila’s boyfriend, Raymond.

Stila was born and raised in luxury and all that dihajati be accomplished by both the father's mother.He's also a beautiful teenage girl, still demanding in a leading teaching institution in the capital. Leto (Farid Kamil), also a young man who lives in a simple homogeneity. Working as a fish seller in the entire stock market and lived in cheap flats facing luxury bungalow area Stila family.

Conferences and Leto Stila Stila begins when the mother Datin Fairuz specifically to market to buy fish to cook for his friends welcome to the house Raymond Stila specifically. Genesis is not presumed valid. Pergaduhan huge blaze between fish sellers in the market so Datin Fairuz forced to cancel its intention to buy fish.

There was, Leto respected and beauty captured by Stila. In that event, Leto discarded work. On the night of the meeting and Raymond Stila, Stila has seduced and sullied Raymond attempts. Stila run and walk by himself so that Leto and his friend met Yani (Cat Farish). Yani before this every day annoying Stila for revenge, but the prey is Leto. Stila kick backs so bloody Leto using stilletonya.

Yani is famous for its naughty attitude has brought Leto stole sandals for sale. Original accident, a house that was stolen was the home of the family bungalow Stila. Loss of stilettos has invited Fairuz Datin sadness and Stila make tasteless guilty and trying to get another pair of stilettos. Initial meeting with Stila Leto has helped to get the original drew off his shoe.

In search Royal stilletto's, Stila terserempak mother entirely mixed together with other men without shame. See indifference father, Datuk Azahar will tinggah behavior of his wife, Stila follow Leto home.Stila not stay at home taste kerana disappointed and sad. At home Leto, Stila has met with erti perfection in life. However, the relationship Stila and Leto got Stila opposition from family and doubt both father and mother Leto. Can Stila get stilettonya original?

Is the reaction against all actions Stila family? And how was the end of communication between the Stila and Leto?

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