Love And Edelweiss ( 2010 )


Cast/Actor :
-Mike Lucock
-Aldo Bamar
-Ira Wibowo
-Donny Kusuma
-Sonny Tulung
-Sarah Shafitri
-Chris Hatta
-Princess Soraya

Genre: Drama

Ryo (Mike Lucock) is an example of domestic violence victims from Papa Ryo (Sonny Tulung) and Mama Ryo (Meriam Bellina) and Ryo also been sexually abused as a child by relatives who liked children (pedophilia). Ryo of this harassment is making a phsykopat. What are the desires must be realized even with the road and a wrong way and the brutal

Love (Sun) and Bugi (Kriss Hatta), two lovers who, though he sometimes was too jealous and overprotective Bugi of Love but she only wanted to protect the love of any kind. It turns out it makes life much less saturated Love is often saved by Ryo

Marsha (Sarah Safitri), Love's brother has a sense of sympathy towards Ryo. He finds Ryo being consulted with a psychiatrist (Princess Soraya). Despite being reminded by his parents (Ira Wibowo and Donny Kusuma) so be careful and leave it to the PPA Wahidi (Aldo Bamar), but without them realize Ryo already know if he was being investigated by Marsha. Ryo heartburning peak regardless of who should dihabisinya

Marsha enable survivors of death? How relationships of Love, Bugi and Ryo? Did Ryo do all his evil passions?

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