The God Babe (2010)


Jenis Film : Comedy - Remaja (teenage)
Actor Starring : Tora Sudiro, Revalina S. Temat, Dwi Sasono, Vincent, Tyas Mirasih, Jaja Miharja, Zacky Zimah
Sutradara : Arie Azis

Synopsis : Riyo, smart guy famous university law school graduate, was shocked when I wake up and find FLORA (OLA) are in bed. OLA more panicked and thought he was abducted and raped by a guy who did not recognize. OLA quickly ran home in a daze

In his office, met with Fauzan Riyo (Ojan), ROBIN (ODING) and Fauzi (Oji), which was the older brother - the brother of OLA. Riyo denied having slept with OLA, Riyo consequently got beat up again - badly

MAT Jago (Father OLA), the mafia betawi furious to hear the story of three brothers OLA OLA if already having sex with a guy who is not known. He married OLA Riyo force. OLA was forced to agree proposals Riyo to see a doctor. What a surprise Riyo and OLA, OLA was still perawaan, that means, nothing happened that night - what

Parents Riyo Riyo confusion when suddenly asking them to apply for OLA. So far, they recognize him as a boyfriend Riyo Mercy. Mercy rampage heard Riyo want to marry OLA. He met OLA OLA and insulting as the girl teaser. OLA guns matter, he was determined to get Riyo.

Who would eventually marry by Riyo?

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