Cintaku Selamanya ex Mau Lagi (ML) 2010

Vishnu, naive and innocent-looking student, is completing his final project in the form of a documentary film about the promiscuity among teenagers. Mario and Askar, a close friend of Vishnu, through the story of a romance with her boyfriends should married couples
Vishnu is actually very uncomfortable with Mario and Askar behavior that embraces free life with his girlfriends. While Mario was very concerned about the cold attitude to women Vishnu. Bet submitted by Mario is within one month, Vishnu had to be boyfriend and have sex. With full consideration, Vishnu accepted the challenge provided by Manda Mario did not have sex for a month also

And unexpectedly, when Vishnu was helping Mario to shop, she met the beautiful and sexy woman, Laura. Vishnu was the first time feel the vibration is different in the liver. Their relationship was closer and closer and it is the younger brother Mario Lala

Askar Pupuskah friendship with Vishnu Vishnu found when mixing miss making out with Laura cooed, her beloved sister? When will a gray sheet of Vishnu, Mario and Askar back in the line of color? Satisfy curiosity of the story above in Love Forever.

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