Belum Cukup Umur (2010)



Actor Starring : Joanna Alexandra Adam Zidni Mentari

Synopsis : Aya (15 years), Ares (15 years), and Brenda (15 years) high school teens who are friends since long. One day their friendship digemparkan by the news that Aya olehAres pregnant. Brenda went ballistic and beat Ares. Then the three of them think of solutions to the problem hamilnya Aya. Finally tercetuslah Aya idea to abort pregnancy. Since Aya danAres not ready for marriage and because Aya and Ares also do not feel old enough to shoulder that burden. Armed with makeshift currency and permission for Brenda staying at his house, finally began their journey to find a place abortionist.

In the journey, they encounter various obstacles. Their friendship is tested. Apparently, the problem should not they face at her age it is not as easy as they imagined. Eventually they all decided to go home. Aya determined whatever happens he will have to bear danAres.

How then can get out of Aya's the problem?

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