Air Terjun Pengantin ( 2010 )

Genre: Horror
Starring: Tamara Blezinski, Marcel C, Tyas Mirasih

Life Tiara (Tamara Bleszynski) who works as a wushu athlete before fine, but since her accident, her trauma in the dark. Not only that, Tiara also had to resign from his profession as an athlete.

Once Tiara with his girlfriend, Lilo, invited her niece, Mandy, and other friends for a vacation on an island that was silent. None of them would have thought that a vicious killer who has been berkeliatan on the island, would threaten their lives there.

It is said that a waterfall on the island famous for beautiful bride, besides the waterfall is believed to have mystical power. If you went and prayed beneath a waterfall, then love couples who pray will be eternal and happy endings.

Tiara was meant to pray beneath the waterfall. Because until now, Lilo has not been proposed. Tiara unconscious, on the island early this catastrophe occurred. Unnoticed by Tiara and Lilo, on the island there is a killer who preyed on their lives one by one. source :

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