The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Directed by Andy Tennant,
Starring by :
    * Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd
    * Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley
    * Christine Baranski as Kitty Hurley
    * Jason Sudeikis as Stewart
    * Jeff Garlin as Sid
    * Coral Anderson as Ethal
    * Peter Greene as Earl Mahler
    * Dorian Missick as Bobby Jenkins

Synopsis :The Bounty Hunter is a romantic comedy-drama film, which also slipped a few action scenes in the story, and directed by Andy Tennant. These names sound familiar? Of course, Tennant was the director who can be considered experienced enough in handling this kind of genre considering his resume which contains similar-themed movies like Ever After (1998), Sweet Home Alabama (2002) and Hitch (2005).

The Bounty Hunter In itself, Tennant must cooperate with Jennifer Aniston, who was famous already feel comfortable to play in movies like this. Accompany Aniston, is the Scottish actor, Gerard Butler, who several times had also starred in such genre films are rarely even given enough of them are worthy of praise. By integrating Aniston and Butler in a movie script was written by Sarah Thorp, certainly not a difficult thing to Tenant to produce a film that at least can be enjoyed by audiences. Maybe ... Maybe not.

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is a former policeman who now works as a bounty hunter. Own personal life since his divorce from Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston), a reporter, walked very messy. Own relationship with Nicole is also very bad. Milo Nicole hated because of him as a man who was responsible and had never grown in any action.

One day, through his agent, Milo had the duty to arrest a woman who did not attend the trial of his case after the bail out. The woman was none other than Nicole. Assume that task very easy, of course Milo gladly take tersebur case. Of course, this incident is just a path that will bring back Milo and Nicole along the storyline of this movie.

Nicole did not attend the hearing because he is investigating one case which he considers may enhance its reputation as a reporter. Nicole investigations undertaken of the case turned out to cause dislike some of the relevant parties. The result, Nicole has become prey to cut off some people. Story hunt each other among these three parties that became the story in addition to the romance of the story presented by director Andy Tennant's character Milo and Nicole.

It was like not fair to bring back the sentence "does not provide anything new" in-movie romantic comedy drama, starring Jennifer Aniston. However, the fact that that's happened, not least in The Bounty Hunter. Direction where this film will move seemed to have been predictable ever since Milo's character is given the task to catch Nicole. Screenwriter Sarah Thorp just added some additional elements such as the comical appearance of the supporting roles as well as additional scenes of romance between the two main characters, who rose to be recognized is not a special case.

Even by following formula romantris Hollywood comedy-drama that does not seem to get enough of it is always used, The Bounty Hunter was still failing to provide what this film should be given to each audience: some fresh scenes invite laughter with the romance of additional scenes that may be able to touch audiences . The Bounty Hunter was in fact present as one of the romantic comedy drama which present flat. Not funny. Not romantic.

Couple Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston was seen fit to juxtaposed together, but this is more on personal judgments than their filmic appearance. When it became Milo and Nicole, Butler and Aniston still be Butler and Aniston you have ever seen in movies before their romantic drama genre. Butler's role as a man with an arbitrarily Busway behavior and attitude free, while Aniston as a woman who seemed to have lots of experience will be bitter tasting affair. That is repeated Butler and Jennifer Aniston at The Bounty Hunter. Absolutely nothing special.

Well ... actually by looking at the existing premises, the audience should know about what was to be offered this film. Unfortunately, the premise that has been known to the audience is presented with a very simple taste, has not undergone the development or little improvement. Depends fully on appeal two-starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, without being able to present an interesting story, The Bounty Hunter was present as a romantic comedy drama which is flat and tends to dull.

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