Meteor Apocalypse (2010)


A meteor storm affects the world and looks as if it could be the beginning of the apocalypse. When the water is contaminated, David Dematti searches for his family who have been captured by the renegade organization TalonCorp. He is determined to use what little good water is left to safeguard his family. When he meets a woman named Lin who is also facing calamity, they team up to see each other through the tragedy which has befallen the human race. As David gets closer to solving the puzzle of what has happened to his family, the greatest dangers loom.
An enormous meteor explodes in the Earth's atmosphere, raining down deadly debris across the globe. In three days the city of Los Angeles will be destroyed, leaving one desperate father on a frantic race to find his wife his wife and daughter before it's too late.
    * Joe Lando
    * Claudia Christian
    * Cooper Harris
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