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Cast: Aaron Aziz, Eizlan Yusof, Maya Karin, Nur Fazura, Redza Minhat
Director: Bernard Chauly
General Release Date: 05 Nov 2009
Running Time: 1 Hour 41 Minutes,
Distributor: Grand Brilliance
Country: Malaysia
Language: Malay
Genre: Comedy / Romance

What happens when prey and predator are both trapped on a luxury cruise ship? Two gold digging girls, Bella and Intan come face to face with three Datuks, three Datuk's wives, two Datuk's children, one private detective and one diehard fan of Bella's. Who are the predators and who are the prey? On a voyage that's full of surprises, anything can happen.Watch online Movie Trailer free Pisau Cukur Malaysian film.The film Directed by Bernard Chauly.

Pisau Cukur Malaysian Film Review :

The presence of great and talented actors is one of the best reasons for anyone to watch "Pisau Cukur". Director Bernard Chauly has returned with this comedy after his first 2005 blockbuster movie "Gol & Gincu".
"Pisau Cukur" is about two best friends name Bella (Maya Karin) and Intan (Fazura) who goes on a vacation. During the vacation, Bella searches for a rich husband, while Intan is involved in a murder case of a well known Datuk.

"Pisau Cukur" boasts a talented lineup and some of them have won awards at Festival Filem Malaysia (Malaysian Film Festival) such as Fazura (Best Supporting Female Actress, FFM'04), Maya Karin (Best Female Actress, FFM'08), Liyana Jasmay (Best Female Actress, FFM'09) and Afdlin Shauki (Best Male Actor, FFM'09). The Maya Karin-Fazura combo is the driving force of the movie and they have done well for themselves. Singaporean born Aaron Aziz supports as a character named Ari and meanwhile newcomer Shahredza Minhat plays the character of Faqir. The other supporting roles by Liyana Jasmay, Eizlan Yusof and Umie Aida also contributes to the success of the movie.

In addition to the usual comedy, Bernard still fits in urban elements to the story, making "Pisau Cukur" similar to "Gol & Gincu". Though the story is short and simple, there are new ideas in this movie. Also, despite the title subject ("gold diggers") sounding negative, there is an underlying moral message to be learnt from this story.
A collaboration by Red Films and Primeworks Studios, the movie is written by Rafidah Abdullah (host of Malaysian TV's "3R" who also wrote "Gol & Gincu"). She has contributed towards a movie that is bound to create controversy among certain quarters. However, as the gooddirector has told the press: "People should watch and value the movie themselves because a quality movie will go beyond the superficial elements and entertain nevertheless."

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